20Mar 2014

On March 20, 2014, Alan Canzano and Elgin Thompson, both Managing Directors of Marcum Cronus Partners, led a discussion surrounding the Internet of Things: what it is, why it is the sector to watch, and what the future holds for the newest age of technology. In an age where connectivity is everything, the Internet of Things has become one of the fastest-growing technology segments – to the point where more things are connected to the Internet than people. The IoT is a web of physical objects and appliances that use the Internet to connect with other machines as well as the external environment — think smart refrigerators, wireless home audio systems and mobile surveillance systems. This industry is currently in its infancy, but projected market value is soaring, with revenue expectations in the hundreds of billions of dollars by 2020.

The presentation focused on themes including:

  • Key components and the advancements powering IoT
  • Scope of opportunity in consumer and machine to machine/industrial
  • Current landscape and value chain
  • Investment and M&A appetite and outlook

The webinar can be viewed at http://www.axial.net/events/make-internet-things/