Internet and Internet of Things

Digital Media and Internet TechnologiesThe Internet constitutes one of the most important developments of the post-industrialized world. A network of computer networks that began in the 1960s has now become a platform that drives how people communicate and spend their time and how businesses operate.

At Cronus, we focus on those aspects of the commercialized Internet and how businesses use it to create new services and products, to offer seemingly familiar products in a new way, and to do more efficiently what they otherwise have previously done.

SaaS and Cloud Services. Software delivered as a service, for consumer or enterprise use; elastic computing capability, robust open APIs and traditional suites coming together in the cloud through multi-party ecosystems rather than monolithic vendors; so-called Big Data and the application of those same elastic computing capabilities to the geometrically expanding aggregation of analyzable information about human behavior;

Commerce. Payments, couponing/promotions, price analytics and optimization, marketplaces, predictive forecasting and planning; and

Internet of Things. Sensors, connectivity technology, embedded software systems and development environments, traditional SCADA and industrial control systems, MES, and Industrie 4.0.

To advise entrepreneurs and senior executives at established companies effectively in this highly disruptive and dynamic space, Cronus focuses on connecting client strategy and product roadmaps with company inflection points. We help our clients refine and execute their corporate development programs through a keen understanding of the underlying wants, needs and capabilities of sector participants.  This positions us to match strategic participants in merger and acquisition transactions or to assist our clients in accessing private capital markets to secure growth funding.